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With 40 years of industry experience, CampbellNet Solutions is your one-stop-shop for networking solutions in New York State west of Albany. For companies in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, and Albany, CampbellNet Solutions provides unparalleled service and support in setting up and maintaining networks for businesses of all types and sizes. 


The Solutions We Offer


In today’s increasingly global and online industries, a company can’t achieve growth and success without strong network solutions in place. A powerful network means one that performs at top speed, is secure from all threats, and maintains consistent reliability. CampbellNet Solutions has the tools your business needs to gain all this and more.



Wireless Networking

On Site Security

On Site Security


Network Security

Network Security


Unified Communications


Here is an example of what just a few of our customers have to say.

CampbellNet Solutions has been serving schools, libraries, municipal governments and mid-sized businesses in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany for almost 15 years.


"As government organizations modernize their workforce, their networks must become more flexible, more streamlined and more secure.

"CampbellNet Solutions brings secure wireless networks and unified communication to help streamline processes, reduce costs and increase productivity."

"CampbellNet Solutions brings digital learning into the classroom to advance the achievement of students, modernizing school curriculum and ensuring the success of our K-12 educators.

"Through next-generation network technology, we ensure that our schools can create a rich and secure learning experience."

CampbellNet Solutions brings enterprise level networks to hospitals, clinics and medical offices.

Boost your organization's standard of healthcare through secure wireless networks and unified communications.


Meet Our Team


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Don Campbell

Founder and Senior Network Engineer

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Brian Chavanne

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Bonnie Haley

Office Manager


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